In 2009, I started posting some of my poems online on Hello Poetry.  Most of the poems were posted from 2009 to 2011 at the time I had no site of my own and gained over 1.9k views each. Now that I do, I have moved the poems to my site. Here are the poems.

    Though in the same
    place and time
    but from a vantage point
    and the dance stage
    in view,
    where they step
    in the manner of the sane
    and the lunatics.
    The disco lights
    in varied odd colours,
    and the demons in most
    could be seen
    the newly born and
    their homeless kind.
    To dwell in the
    innocent ignorants.
    So they left at dawn
    excited; feeling like
    someone else.
    After this
    selfless service
    among the Tivs,
    I will return
    to Igboland
    of ancestral warriors
    and dignified tradition;
    To Igboland
    where lambs pride
    among lions,
    eat flesh and grew
    lion heart and claws.
    Nature amuses,
    at times when perfection
    demands of it.
    So is ecstasy,
    whenever it grips
    a cock.
    But its force
    is undeniable,
    it make every cock
    a rapist!,
    and the law fails
    to persecute them;
    nor for other atrocities,
    of incest and
    the bastard they breed.
    Medical preys;
    unwanted grasses
    on female pasture;
    yet over determined to exist.

    to pleasurable sins

    by we who bekoned them.
    To save faces

    and intergrity;
    To erase footprints
    and outcome of our sins.
    but you never cease to surface,
    at any sexual call;

    Never afraid of the death
    nor the murderous act.
    Brave unborn souls,
    sacrificial lambs
    of human immorality,
    ”cleansing off our sins”.
    Yet answerable
    to any sexual call
    wishing it sinless
    by matrimony.
    Beauty of a marital love,
    essence of a matrimonial
    of all innocents,
    One with God!,

    Wisdom of the ancient!
    The first measures
    of purity.
    But; where goes
    the astral wisdoms
    after the humanization?
    where you compelled
    to be born,
    revoltless of the murder
    of your unborn kind?
    was it karmic purposed?

    A calm air
    with drizzle
    of purity and sanctity
    upon a land
    of chastity and fidelity.
    A swift wind
    with strength
    of hurricanes or tornadoes
    sweeping the land
    off its chastity and fidelity.
    A barren land
    with people
    of no faith and love,
    iotas of chastity and fidelity
    became rare.
    Of all nature’s beauty
    And the grace
    It emits,
    Miscalculation still prevails.
    For what’s the essence
    Of meeting love ones
    Only to part and
    Never to meet again ?
    Knowing that
    The separation outcome
    Erases all joy
    Of the meeting act.
    But if nature
    Is to be driven
    In human will accordance,
    We need not part
    Nor meet
    If parting seems inevitable
    And that hidden sorrows
    Should not be felt.
    A praying mantis presides
    Over and over
    A congregation of fools
    Assuming a God-like position,
    Predicting today, predicting forever.
    He preaches, the act of holiness,
    The act of reality,
    Where smooching is divine,
    A path to miracle.
    But miracles do occur
    The deaf became dumb,
    The dumb became deaf,
    The healthy became sick,
    The sick became dead,
    The dead….I wonder !
    When we look deep inside,
    Our hearts quaver, our soul
    Shiver, our minds doubt,
    Our spirit…uncertainty
    Of which is which
    One in all, all in one
    We do not know.
    When we worship,
    He goes by the Gita,
    She, by the Koran,
    I… the Bible
    All for one God,
    Why the differences?
    When we pray,
    He praises Krisna,
    She exalts Moha,
    I pray Christ,
    Avenues to one God.
    When we die,
    He re-incarnates,
    She enters paradise
    I awaits judgment
    What injustice!
    But …what if I were
    To seek out the Unborn
    And find the hidden balance?
    She thought,
    She is that innocent,
    But I knew better
    For the walls told me so
    Of her romance
    With her bathing sponge
    Every morning in the tub!,
    And of the tub water
    Her never ever
    Penetrated aisle.
    Then the soap lathers……..
    She thought,
    She is still innocent,
    But it’s long stolen.
    On the deaths,
    Of those dear to us
    Whose life flickered out
    Like candle lights;
    On the pains
    Of those hearts
    Whose love was
    Never returned;
    On all broken hearts
    Who seeked love
    But never found
    On all losers
    But pure at heart,
    May you find
    Solace within,
    Never on the edge of tears.
    Where was Chineke
    When lovely souls drifted
    Away, leaving weeping eyes behind?
    Where are the days
    When love was immortal?
    On all sorrows,
    We pour this libation.
    He that is mightier
    Is absolute!
    He gives love
    In the midst of outstanding hatred! ,
    Faith, in the midst
    Of hopelessness!
    Happiness, in the midst
    Of bitterness!
    Peace, in the midst
    Of turmoil!
    And joy, in the midst
    Of overwhelming sorrows!
    Holy is his name.
    Known sorrows
    Are not only human
    Death; sorrows is
    What causes the
    Heart to bleed.
    If elegy is to be
    Sung on sorrows mat,
    Then it need not
    Be for human death
    On the day when
    Ecstatic moan
    Escapes the cracks
    And hinges gaps
    Of neighbours’ door,
    Phone calls generate
    Laughter on the faces
    Of lovers,
    Love lost its life
    In the hearts of hosts.
    Though not human
    But death is death
    For it once lived.
    Love immortality
    Is human gullibility
    For it dies
    Even as the celebrant
    Every February 14th.
    The church said,
    Darkness and light
    Comprehend not.
    A pastor told me,
    Oh ……how darkness
    By the rising sun dispel.
    Then what is
    Dawn and dusk?
    But a comprehension
    Between darkness and light.
    About the sun,
    What happens when it sets?
    Who dispelled who?
    At the campus,
    I heard his voice
    In the room
    Of my female neighbour.
    In the evening,
    I heard his voice again
    And hers too,
    Screaming the walls down.
    In the morning,
    I asked what happened,
    Oh…..we are making love
    She said.
    Then I saw him
    Oops! He is the
    Preacher in my neighbourhood.
    In the land
    Of the burning tribe,
    Dwelt the worst of evils.
    A tribe
    Where immorality is moral
    And flaming human minds
    Can be traced.
    Allergic to goodness,
    Cancerous to strangers,
    Abhorrent to civilization,
    Glut with cheating.
    Pure hostility
    Even at jovial point
    And under loving atmosphere.
    A tribe
    of courtesans
    Where adultery is tradition,
    And fornication begins at ten
    To enhance development,
    For healthy living.
    A tribe
    Of awkward belief
    In a path of abstinence to sickness
    Curable with sex alone.
    Of what descent
    Are they?
    Too violent to exist
    with no regard to life.
    Of what mentality?
    When playing safe
    Is inhuman!
    And murder
    Of the innocents unborn
    Is nothing.
    Spreading the virus,
    Never afraid to harbour it.
    Where is their good side?
    Is it unseen or extinct?
    If any, “ wuese te”.
    Dear Ex,
    Every lover is a fool
    To the one he loves;
    Though every fool is not a lover.
    In those days
    When we loved,
    Admiration befell the stars;
    For us they came out glittering.
    Tornados calm before us,
    Waves sleep for us
    To sail and the sun
    Faded before our love.
    Then cheated heart and wounded one
    Became my fate,
    But I’m breathing
    I am the miracle.
    I was a fool
    So you said then
    Why the torment?
    Separate lives
    Is what we are now
    Infidelity pierce even
    The heart of a ***.
    A wounded star
    Knew no remedy.
    Dear Ex,
    For every wind
    Someone must fail;
    We’ve all been
    Hurt before.